How do I publish with IRELC?

First, make sure your article is suitable by reading the aims and scope of the journal. Include all the requirements that are included in the instructions for authors while you’re writing your paper, then make your submission through the Author Center.

The editor of the journal will decide whether to take your article forward, which is when it will enter peer review. After peer review (which may require you to complete some revisions), your article will hopefully be accepted and enter the production process. Once your article is published, it can be found on the IRELC website, and you can start to promote it and build your research impact.

Is IRELC a refereed journal?

Yes. Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in English Language Communication (IRELC) is a fully peer reviewed journal. It follows a double blind peer review policy. The journal strictly maintains the academic review policy and publication ethics.

How much time does the journal take to complete the review process?

The complete review process takes about six months after the e-mail acknowledging receipt of the submission is sent to the contributor.

How do I make a submission to IRELC?

First, make sure you have included all the requirements that are mentioned in the instructions for authors while you’re writing your paper, then make your submission through the Author Center.

My article is currently in peer review. What is its status?

You will be able to view the status of your article in the Author Centre of the submission system you used to submit your article. 

How does peer review work?

Peer review involves the assessment of your research and scholarly work by experts in your field. These experts will evaluate the validity, quality, and suitability for publication. 

All submitted manuscripts are evaluated by one of our editors within one month to determine suitability for review in IRELC. If accepted for external review, manuscripts are peer reviewed by two anonymous reviewers and the editor. Typically, one has broad general knowledge of the field, and one has expertise in the particular topic or methodology. Within six months, authors can expect to receive one of four decisions: (a) manuscript acceptance, (b) acceptance with revisions, (c) nonacceptance with an invitation for revision and resubmission for another round of review, or (d) rejection and recommendation for submission to a different publication.

How do I follow up on a submission?

You can see the status of your mansucript in the Author Center. You may also contact the Editorial Office directly via the Contact Us page.

How do I access my authored works?

Please refer to the Author Center. 

How should I structure my manuscript?

Read the Journal’s instructions for authors to know the expected requirements. Also, take time to look through a selection of articles already published in the journal to see how they are structured.

Can I publish a paper from my thesis?

Yes, from our perspective you can submit a paper that is derived from your thesis. But check your organization’s policy regarding this. It would also be a good idea to mention this to the Editor during the submission process.


What is the maximum number of words I can use in my research paper?

Manuscript submitted to IRELC must have a word count of about 5,000 to 8,000,

Is there an article template in Word?

Yes, a Word (.docx) template is available for the journal, ready for you to download and apply to your document. You can find links to this on the Guide for Authors page. Please note that using the template is mandatory for submission.

Is IRELC an open access journal?

Yes. Adopting an open access (OA) policy means that the final version of all the articles are freely and permanently accessible online for everyone from the moment they are first published (unless withdrawn due to a decision by the Editor-in-Chief). With OA, authors retain the copyright to the work.

Where can I find details on preparing and submitting my article?

You can find information on preparing and submitting your article on the journal’s instruction for authors page.

Do I have to pay a submission fee or publication fee?

No. The journal currenly does not charge submission fee or publication fee. 

Can I submit my conference paper to the journal?

Yes. Conference papers that have been presented at a conference but not published in full form in the conference proceedings can be submitted for consideration to our journal.

Can I publish my research in two journals?

No. Authors are required to declare upon submission that the manuscript is not under consideration elsewhere. This is why the detection of a duplicate submission is typically considered as a deliberate act.

How do I determine if there is a conflict of interest?

Conflict of interest can also be known as ‘competing interest’. The range of possible conflicts are quite numerous and can be financial or non-financial in nature. A full disclosure statement is required when you submit your paper to the journal.

Who do I contact if I have a question when my article is in production, or has recently been published?

Please use the Contact Us page or email irelc [at] znu.ac.ir directly.

Do I have free access to my article?

Yes. Everyone will always have free access to your article which will be "open access".

Can I make another correction to my article?

Please contact the Editorial Office at irelc [at] znu.ac.ir to see if this is possible. You will need to check the status of your paper with us, but if it is soon after you returned your first corrections, generally yes. You should ensure that you check your proofs very carefully to avoid such corrections.